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bog cotton is highOn the Summer Solstice a group of us, led by the small 'Corista' choir that's an offshoot of Calder Valley Voices, set out for a picnic at Blackstone Edge. Some of us walked from Todmorden. Summertime. And the bog-cotton is high...

Blimey, though. Organiser-in-chief Richard had to take a work call on his mobile halfway up.

By the time we made it to the top the weather had deteriorated but not our spirits. There were choruses of the Chartist song 'On Blackstone Edge' and 'The Song of the Low'. Those who sang We're wet we're wet we are so wet instead of low were quietly ignored.

With a last defiant rendition of Dylan Thomas's 'Do not go gentle into that good night' we headed down to the pub for more songs by a roaring fire.

(Thanks to Gwyneth our photographer for the pictures)